Registration is now open for the 10th Challenge to Conquer Cancer!

Dates are set for September 30th – October 8th.



Top 10 reasons why we are excited to be riding to Maine for the Dempsey Challenge!

10. We love to ride!

9. We ride because today we can, and it is a ride that EVERYONE can do beginner, novice, ex-pro, retired, and especially for those cycling enthusiasts who really want to make an impact on the community.

8. Community Involvement and being able to give charities that help others heal.

7. The superior views throughout the ride

6. Don’t blink through Woodstock, NY

5. You meet the most amazing people along the way.

4. An experience you will never forget and that will forever change you.

3. We ride for those who are going through Cancer, Survived it, and are positive roll models for others, and they are our loudest proudest dearest and biggest cheerleaders.

2. How many ways can you make a Lobsta-Roll?

1. To be able to say it again…… “WOW, WHAT A RIDE!”

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